I have been, since my very first foray into startups, a huge advocate of the tag line. A tag line is that one to 10 word phrase that encapsulates exactly what you are building. I talk about this in my document on Opportunity Profiles where I identify it as one of the first things you write down when planning a new venture.

This morning, as I engaged in my "just out of bed, the brain is fresh, work on something new and interesting" moment of my day, I found a new way to embrace the tag line. Yesterday was I brainstormed on something and what felt like a new perfect tag line was uttered. So I did two things today:

  1. I put that tag line and the other candidates into code. This means that not only are the written down but they are under version control so I can get back to them as needed. You never know how a project morphs and changes as it weaves its way towards the market and being able to get back to a tag line, I've found, is vital.
  2. I added it to the project's user interface as part of its footer. This means that every time that I look at what I'm building, I will see it and, hopefully, be inspired by it.

Here's an example of #2 (this is just the footer not the project itself).


The tag line is the text on the left in bold. And if you find that tag line intriguing then:

  • That's great; it means it might be right; validation on these things is key and should be sought as early as possible
  • You know where to find me if you want to ask about it (contact info is on the bottom of every page; look down)