Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I'm Scott Johnson, an Indianapolis based husband, father and software engineer. You might know me from some of the public things I've done in the past:

As well as lots and lots of other consulting work and projects over the years (below). I've started companies, bought companies, sold companies, failed at companies, etc. Most of all though I do really love to write software. Day in and day out I write code.

Here I am on the web:

These days I work almost exclusively in Ruby and Rails although I find Elixir intriguing as heck. I'm not there yet on production work but its probably the most promising language I've touched in years. I'm also starting to experiment with React Native as a way out of statically built, typed languages.

Things I've been paid to work on that I barely even remember at this point. Yes I'm very, very strong at parachuting into a large code base and making a difference.

  • TAP (Clinical trial tools; coding, test coverage, analysis)
  • StreamSend (Email Marketing Automation Tool)
  • BlueBridge (tools for automatically building tourism apps; Ruby app that generated PHP code for feeding into a build system)
  • CardMunch (Ruby back end api / Mechanical Turk Tools / now a part of LinkedIn)
  • Loc8te.net (Ruby db sharding)
  • How About We (test coverage for dating site written in Ruby)
  • Radiation Measurement Software for Planning Oncology Sessions
  • Internal Tools for Breakers Unlimited (the best place to ever buy circuit breakers online)
  • CardCare / Posty (yeah this was only a few days)
  • LiveText ETS (test coverage on a large Ruby educational tool)
  • i3D (online commerce tools for 3d modeling site)
  • WisePatient (a medical tool)