Hello. Thank you for being interested in what I'm writing about AWS. To start, here's everything I've ever written about AWS. As for myself I'm a professional software engineer who is tackling this problem:

  • in charge of migrating a very large system of mostly (3) Rails apps
  • from classical hosting to AWS
  • spread across 5 discrete clusters of machines
  • 3 different versions of rails
  • 1 app written mostly in PHP
  • 6 terabytes plus of MySQL data
  • SSL and ecommerce
  • away from the monolithic pattern all to common to Rails apps to a more modern architecture
  • pull docker in where possible
  • tiny engineering team - 2 and 1/5 engineers
  • crawls data 24x7x365 touching more than 6 million data points daily
  • trying very hard not to emulate the past and actually approach cloud computing correctly
  • all open source source technologies

As you can imagine this is hard. At the scale I'm working there aren't easy answers and there are all kinds of challenges. And while I do have some AWS experience, I've never worked at this level before. So everything is being documented step by step as it gets done. It is unclear if the final product is a book, just a series of blogs posts, a ton of conference talks or something else but feel free to follow along and enjoy!

In closing, I'm as excited about AWS as I ever have been with a server side technology. Overall AWS is a massive watershed event for the whole technology industry.

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