If you follow the food world as of late there is a whole movement seemingly referred to as “Hoof to Snout”. The idea here is to use all of the animal. And while I personally find some parts of the animal less than desirable (organ meats; really …), conceptually I approve of the idea of less waste.

I recently encountered this while making a batch of peach moonshine. There are two types of waste:

  • Peach Skins
  • Peach Pits

Given that peach pits are a means a extracting cyanide, I thought “maybe I should read random recipes on the Internet and make homemade almond extract” but what I could do is candy the peach skins so …



  1. Take a small frying pan and add about 1/4 cup of Peach Simple Syrup
  2. Add the peach skins and saute in the simple syrup until they reduce and become coated.

Serving Ideas

These are delicious eaten all on their own but they are absolutely delightful as a pancake topping. Even gluten free pancakes (I recommend the Krusteaz brand) are excellent this way.