This is a stupid trick but it seems to work. I've been recording a lot of videos for my YouTube channel aka Dad on Rails and because my videos tend to be long, I've found that my phone turns itself off while the upload is going on. Here's the work around:

  1. My videos are automatically sync'd over to my iPad so I start by doing the upload from the ipad.
  2. To keep the iPad from turning off but still have the upload going on as the foreground app, once the upload starts, launch Netflix and play anything but then command+tab back to the YouTube app.
  3. This keeps the the video playing as "picture in picture", the upload is now foregrounded and Netflix, even in picture in picture mode keeps your iPad from shutting down.

I know this feels convoluted (it certainly does to me) but it feels far, far better than trying to keep the phone alive by endlessly surfing my Facebook feed.