If you think that title is redundant then read Russell's Rant.  Ouch.  In another post he states how he likes register.com as a Name Registrar.  I'd caution him against that.  Register.com is hugely expensive compared to competitors like 000Domains and if you need to transfer a domain to another registrar?  Good luck.  I tried all summer long without success (that's why I own fuzzygroup.net and fuzzygroup.com).  I'd strongly recommend 000Domains.  They seem to be rock solid and they just plain rock.  Also like Register.com you don't need a name server.  That's pretty damn cool.

And to throw in a plug for the boys over at RackSpace, they aren't perfect but they're damn good.  I often get asked why I pay for a premium priced server and now I'll just point them to Russell's rant.  It says it all.  It really says it all.  As a general comment, hosting companies with options at the $10 per month or lower (even if they have higher priced options) seem to always end up with problems because the customers you attract drain the lifeblood from your support techs.  And then service suffers.  And then you get Russell.

As this google search shows he's not the only one with problems with CWI.  The "Condompower" result near the end also shows why if you host Adult sites you don't want to intermix them with your non-adult sites.  Searching for CWI juxtaposes the text interestingly.  There are apparently postive ways to use the word "sucks".