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Inbox Buddy 1.1, A Next Generation Approach to Email and Spam Management, Is Now Fully Available!

BELMONT, Massachusetts, July 1, 2002 -- Today Inbox Buddy Software, Inc., announced that Inbox Buddy version 1.1 is available for immediate download. Inbox Buddy is a comprehensive personal email assistant for Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP and can be downloaded at

Inbox Buddy Software is a startup company that is focused on providing cutting edge software that improves the personal email experience.  The Inbox Buddy product is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that provides significant email improvement features such as:

  • Dynamic Spam Detection.  Incoming spam is dynamically detected based on how you read and reply to email.  Inbox Buddy watches you and learns to distinguish between real mail and spam from your actions.
  • Relationship Based Email Management.  A key problem with email is that different types of communications (work, home, personal) end up mixed together in one inbox.  The Relationship features in Inbox Buddy let you manage your email by relationship -- work, clients, suppliers, friends, family and more.
  • Color Coded Email.  Our unique color coding makes managing your inbox dramatically easier; email is automatically colored by relationship and importance letting you know with a glance if there is email you need to take care of right away.
  • New Email.  Our unique New Email feature also called "Fast Mail" feature lets you create new messages quickly based on existing items in your Inbox.
  • Spam Report.  Provides a two-click spam reporting ability to help stamp out future spam.
  • And many more features
  • Inbox Buddy v1.1 improves on Inbox Buddy's anti-spam features, adds additional options for working with Microsoft Exchange servers, makes reporting Spam easier and more.  It can be downloaded today from our website and evaluated for a 30 day period.    

    Volume pricing, site licenses, educational discounts and special pricing for non-profit organizations are all readily available.

    About Inbox Buddy Software, Inc.

    Inbox Buddy Software, Inc., is a startup company based in Belmont, Massachusetts and was founded by J. Scott Johnson and Brian C. Giedt.  In the 1980s, Scott and Brian founded NTERGAID together, and developed one of the first hypertext software tools called HyperWriter.  After running NTERGAID successfully for a number of years and earning multiple awards for HyperWriter including a prestigious PC Magazine Editor's Choice award, Dataware Technologies acquired the company and the team who later went on to develop award winning Enterprise Knowledge Management software.  After parting for a time, this team is together again to do for email what they did for hypertext -- make it easy.

    Editorial Contacts:

    J. Scott Johnson
    Inbox Buddy Software, Inc.

    Inbox Buddy and Inbox Buddy Software are registered trademarks of Inbox Buddy Software, Inc.  Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.   All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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