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Feedster :: URL Api

This document outlines Feedster's current (and future) URL api.  It was written to address the morass of different url query variables that are currently sprouting like mushrooms within the Feedster code base.

Feedster's URL API:

  • Script - search.php - main search routine that searches for a term or terms

    • q – Search query. 

      • What to search for.
    • offset – Offset. 

      • Where to start the page of search results.  Incremented in units of "limit".  If set to nothing then 1st page of results is retrieved.
    • limit – Limit. 

      • The quantity of search results per page.
      • Defaults to 10
      • Cannot be set to > 100
    • sort – Sort. 

      • How to arrange the results. 
      • Options are:

        • date
        • rank (sorts by a blog's popularity) and
        • [nothing] (i.e. not included in the query) which sorts by relevance.
    • output – output

      • what to output for the results of a search
      • options are

        • rss – an RSS version of the search results
        • blogtoc – a table of contents for all results for the specified rss url sorted by date
    • fi – filter id

      • internal Feedster id # of an RSS url to filter out of a search result
    • f – filter url

      • rss url to filter out of the search result
    • o – opml url

      • opml url to restrict search results to ONLY feeds within in the OPML
    • hl –
    • ie –
    • opmlfile
    • weblog
    • inurl
    • blogrollopml
    • outline
    • scope=iread

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