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PHP Free Space Monitor Code


script to get the amount of free space with df -h and email it

to me daily

include "../z/class.phpmailer.php";

  $freespace = mysystem("df -h");
  $fortune = mysystem ("/usr/games/fortune");

  $email = "";
  //setup the email object & params
  $mail = new phpmailer();
  $mail->From = "";
  $mail->FromName = "Free Space Mailer";
  $mail->Subject = "Free Space On FuzzyGroup Server";
  $mail->Body    = $freespace . "\n\n\n\n" . $fortune;

    echo "Error – Can't Email User Info<p>";
    echo "Mailer Error: " . $mail->ErrorInfo;
  else {
    print "<pre>$freespace <BR><BR>$fortune</PRE>";

function mysystem($command) {
 if (!($p=popen("($command)2>&1","r"))) {
  return 126;

 while (!feof($p)) {
   $out .= $line;
 return $out;



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