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Transmitter :: Blogging Versus KLogging – One and the Same

Transmitter is my working name for a project which builds on the blogging lessons from Radio UserLand and makes them into a robust, scalable implementation that sidesteps some of the issues in Radio UserLand.

My working position is that blogging and klogging are one the same.  Users start with blogging and then evolve into kloggers if their information has a) relevance b) importance c) tenacity or "staying power" i.e. it's long lived and c) if they blog regularly.  The more regularly you blog the more you need the tools of klogging such as Search, Outlines, Tables of Contents to organize your content.

Blogging Versus KLogging – Features

Here are a few core blogging features:

Here are a few core klogging features:

A Service Based Architecture

A key challenge in this is implementing it as a "service based architecture" which implements different features as "services" which other applications can call upon for tasks.



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