Who and What is FuzzyBlog ?
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Who and What is FuzzyBlog ?

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My name is Scott Johnson.  FuzzyBlog is my weblog.  I write daily mostly about my experiences in high tech.  I seem to have an embarrassing tendency to rant and flame.  I don't mean to.  Really I don't.  I do believe, however, that just as you should praise someone when they do well for you, you should flame them to a toasty crisp when they treat you poorly.  But you need to do it with honesty (see below).

Who am I?

I'm a high tech professional who has been working in the industry since 1987.  I've founded (and sold) companies, written code, worked on the management team of a dot com, done marketing, written documentation, taken out the trash and a heck of a lot more.

What do I do?

I'm a consultant focusing on:
  • PHP Development. 


  • Software Product Marketing / High Tech Marketing. 


  • Blogging
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Web Development for Non-Profit Organizations. 


I write every single day on my blog.  I also write extended essays on my

home page although increasingly I just write essays as Radio Stories since it tends to be easier and faster.

Home Page

http://www.fuzzygroup.com/ is my consulting company

http://www.fuzzygroup.com/sjohnson/ is my personal home page

Past Lives

My past lives included:


"I'm Awake Therefore I Work"

Technical Preferences

I'm a huge believer in Open Source and prefer PHP as a web development tool but if you want to build a web app using an AS/400 and Rexx, I'm happy to do so.  It might be pricey, but the customer, is in charge.

What I Believe

Here's some of the things I believe in: About life:
  1. People.  Fundamentally all things boil down not to businesses or commerce; it's all just people.  Blogging is nothing more than people writ large.
  2. Honesty.  Even when I may rant bile at Microsoft, I give all the facts.  That's honesty.  I publish my biases and my commercial interests
  3. Admit Your Mistakes.  If you think I'm wrong, don't be afraid to call me on it.  I'm often wrong.  And, if I agree then I'll admit it and change it.
About being in the high technology business:
  1. Software Should Be Reliable.  People, we've been building computer software for, what, 50 years now?  I'm not saying it's easy and god knows I've made my share of mistakes, but we all have to do better.  Software quality is just plain unacceptable.
  2. Open and Honest Standards.  I don't care if the standard is vendor created or done by a standards organization.  Open standards are good.  They grow the industry and that's good for everyone.
  3. My Data is My Own.  I own my data.  I may have created it with your tools but it's mine.  And that means that if you corrupt it, destroy it or mangle it then I'll flame you to a toasty crisp and use all my search engine skills to give it a high google ranking.  I'll also post a retraction when I'm wrong.
  4. Third Party Developers.  I've been an ISV since I was 19 years old.  ISVs are what make the industry work.
  5. Open Source.  Anyone who thinks that the Open Source movement isn't real and a fundamental shift needs to look again.  The Open Source movement definitely has business model problems.  No question.  That doesn't stop two key things:
    • It's a fundamentally better way to develop software with better engineering practices.  Yes, better.
    • The support and quality levels are, today, higher in the Open Source world than in the non-os world.  Even without an "official company" pushing it, Open Source apps still have better quality and support.  Why?
    • More eyes to find more bugs
  6. Thin Clients.  It's increasingly clear to me that the client software that really matters is the browser.  If you look at brilliantly designed tools like

    www.oddpost.com, it's pretty clear that we can do a lot more with thin client interfaces than we have have to date.

  7. Full Text Search.  I've spent 15 years around search engines and they are a wonderful technology when used correctly and difficult at best when not used correctly.

Quick Questions and Answers

How do I contact you?

Why don't you obfuscate your email address?

  • No need. 
  • Ask me on or about June 1

Is it ok to contact you?

  • Indeed it is.  I like people who find me here.  Bloggers are _smart_.

Can I flame you right back?

  • Definitely.  Email address is above. 

What's it like to work with you on a project?

Obligatory Vanity Picture

Fairly bad but it's all I had handy.  3 years old.


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