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eVectors :: Press Release :: Launch of the eVectors Store eVectors :: Press Release :: Launch of the eVectors Store

Evectors, Srl, Announces Online Store

Evectors, Srl, an Italian Content Management Vendor Forms North American Subsidiary to Launch IdeaTools a Leading Content Management System

Trieste, Italy / Belmont, MA. – July 18, 2002 – Taking a large step forward, a leading Italian software company, Evectors Srl, today announced the formal opening of their new North American division, eVectors North America.  Evectors is a 10 year old Italian software and services company focused on web content management software and design, consulting and application development services.  With the formal launch of a new North American division, eVectors is now able to offer their award winning product and services, IdeaTools, to a much larger audience.

Evectors IdeaTools: a Scalable Content Management Solution

Evectors originated as a multimedia developer and creator of websites in the early 1990s.  Over time, as customer needs coalesced around a common set of themes, eVectors made a strategic decision to enter the software business by developing a content management platform, IdeaTools.  Since that early point, IdeaTools has evolved into a robust, scalable content management solution, now at version 2.5 and in use on over 160 different web sites.  Organizations using IdeaTools range from Pharmacia, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world right down to individual merchants such as Active-Software an Italian eCommerce site that sells software over the Internet.  Key features include:

  • Complete operation of all features using a web browser from any desktop in the world - no complicated software to install and no need for obscure scripting languages
  • Support for integrated intranet / extranet sites using one product, one content database and one security architecture
  • Discussion groups
  • Full support for even cutting edge web features such as XSLT, RSS and XML
  • An underlying object database that manages all content
  • A powerful theme system
  • Content Versioning Support
  • Integral News Aggregator

Expansion: Even in Bad Economic Times

Given the current economic climate, many companies are focusing on cutting expenses and not even trying to expand.  Whena asked about this, Paolo Valdemerin, the founder and CEO of Evectors commented:

It's certainly true that we aren't in the best times for expansion but I and my board of directors made the decision that our product offers compelling advantages for all companies – even in bad times so the expansion made sense.  The powerful templating and site creation features in IdeaTools can help companies create web sites more efficiently – and at a fraction of the time and cost of competing products.  We think that even in a down market, particularly in a down market, this is a compelling reason to purchase.

Blogging and How it Affects Business Partnerships

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the eVectors expansion is that it grew out of the blogging world – and is occurring approximately 6 to 9 months earlier than planned.  Here's what happened from the perspective of J. Scott Johnson, VP of Marketing for North America:

Paolo and I are both regular bloggers and two of the most successful bloggers within our blogging community (metrics - Scott is "FuzzyBlog" and Paolo is "Paolo's Weblog").  We met through our mutual blogs as we write on similar subjects.  After a number of online discussions and cross linking, Paolo approached me about taking charge of the North American expansion.  One week later, I and our VP of Business Development, were on a plane to Italy.  The most interesting aspect of this is that we did it sight unseen, no personal interaction at all and without having discussed compensation.  That's the level of trust that blogging inspires.  Compare this with traditional approaches to finding staff, recruiting and creating a subsidiary.

About Evectors North America

Evectors North America is operated on J. Scott Johnson, VP of Marketing and Gretchen Cahaly, VP of Business Development:

  • Scott is a multiple time entrepreneurs, ex-dot commer and the author of multiple books and articles including a co-author of the forthcoming "Blogging Essentials" by O'Reilly and Associates
  • Gretchen is also a former dot commer blah blah blah (gretch tell me what you want here)

Evectors North American is headquartered in Belmont Massachusetts and can be reached online at www.evectors.com.

PR Contacts for Press and Analysts:

Evectors North America or Evectors , Srl can be reached as follows:

Who: J. Scott Johnson, VP of Marketing
Email: scott@evectors.com
IM 1: fuzzygroup (yahoo)
IM 2: fuzzygroup (yahoo)
Phone: 617 588 0613

Who: Gretchen Cahaly, VP of Marketing
Email: gretchen@evectors.com
IM 1: gchaly (yahoo)
IM 2: gretchenfg (yahoo)
Phone: 617 588 0613

Who: Paolo Valdemerin, CEO
Email: paolo@evectors.com
IM 1: paolovalde (yahoo)
Phone: 011 44

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