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Last updated: 8/10/2002; 9:42:49 AM
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FuzzyOffice :: Docs :: The Bookmarks Module

With the advent of a potential real live user, the time has come for some documentation.  Glory be!  Documentation on an Open Source project before the code is even done… Can this be happening.  Yes.  Yes it can.  Even though no one will actually read the documentation, writing it will help the development process.  And, so, without further ado, I give you FuzzyBookmarks or FuzzyMarks or just plain Bookmarks

The Reason that Bookmarks Don't Work

Bookmarks are one of those wonderful ideas that should make our lives easier and turns out to generally be either useless, difficult or just plain tedious — for most users.  Here's why:

  • Bookmarks are based on the premise that users are well organized and put things in their proper place.  Wrong!  We're all too tired and busy.
  • Users add too many bookmarks
  • Users add too few bookmarks
  • Bookmarks belong in multiple folders; not just a single folder
  • Bookmarks are always where you aren't – they are bound up to your 1 computer and your 1 browser.  We're all too mobile these days to be restricted this way.
  • Bookmarks don't archive content if a user needs it for the future
  • There are different "applications" for bookmarks, specifically:
    • "Always Show" – a bookmark for a web based tool like email.  You don't want this buried; you want it "always on" or to be always shown.
    • "Recent Work" – given that a huge purpose of the web is research – and research projects change over time, there needs to be a distinction between bookmarks made recently and bookmarks two years ago
    • "New Bookmarks" – new bookmarks that you've never been back to
    • Bookmarks You Use Frequently But Not Always
    • Bookmarks over time
    • All Bookmarks
    • All Bookmarks organized by folders


      Adding Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be added to FuzzyOffice in three ways:

  • An email from an email address known by the FuzzyOffice system to the address bookmark@fuzzyoffice.com
  • Using the Add Bookmark web form called from the bookmarks.php url
  • Using the Bookmarklet JavaScript powered link to add a bookmark from any webpage that you are viewing by just clicking on a link in your links bar

Viewing Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be viewed in FuzzyOffice from the main bookmarks page, displayed by default, when you go to the bookmarks.php url

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