Marketing 101 : Getting Your Ecommerce Site Ready to Go
Last updated: 8/9/2002; 11:38:01 AM
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Marketing 101 : Getting Your Ecommerce Site Ready to Go

paolovalde: Scott?
fuzzygroup: Yes
paolovalde: Almost ready to go 
fuzzygroup: ok
fuzzygroup: I need to do that transaction then, right ?
paolovalde: No, we've already tested it
paolovalde: And now we are moving on the real bank server
paolovalde: So it's going to be "real" money 
fuzzygroup: oh. ok. sorry. gretch's dad got worse so I'm running where her project load and my own. Hence the more busy than my usual insanity.
paolovalde: Ok, don't worry, I wrote all stuff myself. It's not perfect but it's probably better than nothing
fuzzygroup: ok. Do i have edit rights on that url? If so I'll make the time to clean it up.
paolovalde: Nope, I'll create an account for you.
fuzzygroup: ok
fuzzygroup: looking at it now.
paolovalde: gimme a temp password for your account…
paolovalde: (you can change it later
fuzzygroup: logan1p
fuzzygroup: Please tell me the account name that you use
paolovalde: scott
paolovalde: I use paolo
paolovalde: yours is scott/logan1p
fuzzygroup: thank you
fuzzygroup: i'm in. Is it safe to edit now?
paolovalde: Yes, I'm working on the radiotools site
fuzzygroup: cool. I'm on it in 5.
fuzzygroup: Yikes. Broken links on the home page. I'm fixing.
paolovalde: No wait
paolovalde: Where?
paolovalde: Ok, seen it
fuzzygroup: m not n
paolovalde: Go ahead
fuzzygroup: so am i fixing or are you ?
paolovalde: I'm giving an interview to a canadia journalist at the moment…
fuzzygroup: ok. I'll do it
paolovalde's status is now "Available" (8/9/2002 at 11:01 AM)
fuzzygroup: Pretty much completely rewrote it.$num=2&sec=1
fuzzygroup: is a log of changes I am making. I'll disable security for you temporarily so you can use it today.
fuzzygroup: disabled. link above should work. no idea how it looks on a mac.
paolovalde: I see it, it looks ok.
fuzzygroup: ok.
fuzzygroup: doing rss now
paolovalde: I don't know if you've seen this, but for this page ($num=13) I had found a link to a yahoo currency converter (chich is somehow more official)
fuzzygroup: that's fine to substitute it.
fuzzygroup: Joel's thing is a bookmarklet which is nice but not required.
fuzzygroup: the link should be on the page where the user has the currency concern though
fuzzygroup: or it won't make it to the basket.
paolovalde: I agree.
paolovalde: Joel's thing doesn't work on the mac…
fuzzygroup: am i updating it or are you ?
paolovalde: Better go with the yahoo
paolovalde: I can do it
fuzzygroup: sigh. crappy macs. ok. *teasing*
fuzzygroup: I'll tell him. He's a good guy
fuzzygroup: I just added a tag line to Rss Distiller on the home page. Tell me if you like it and I'll figure out one for ThemeTool.
fuzzygroup: You should offer a bundle of both products for a discount also. Make it easy to spend more money at one time and people will.
paolovalde: Yes, I had already thought of this one, the problem is that the registration system (the one sending you the serial numbers) does not support this at the moment.
fuzzygroup: lol
paolovalde: We'll introduce this in a couple of weeks…
paolovalde: Anyway, since we're giving away the 30 days trial, I think that nothing special will happen in the near future
fuzzygroup: don't be so sure.
fuzzygroup: strange things happen and you if you are putting a payment infrastructure up, it's got to work.
paolovalde: It does work, we only don't support bundles yet.
fuzzygroup: ah
paolovalde: But maybe I found a solution… diggin'
paolovalde: Btw: the tagline is great!
fuzzygroup: ok. I'll do one for themetool
fuzzygroup: ThemeTool. Easily Make Your Blog Look Sexy.
fuzzygroup: how's that ?
paolovalde: Have you ever heard of a Canadian bsuness magazine named "Report on Business"?
fuzzygroup: nope
paolovalde: How about: ThemeTool: Make Your Blog Look Sexy. Easily.
fuzzygroup: That's fine.
fuzzygroup: ThemeTool: Make Your Blog Look Sexy. Easily. No Fooling Around.
fuzzygroup: or No Kidding.
fuzzygroup: the radio commmunity knows that his is hard
fuzzygroup: might piss off dave though
paolovalde: I like No Kidding more…
fuzzygroup: ok
paolovalde: And it's not going to piss of anyone, I think (I mean, no fooling around was heavier)
fuzzygroup: ok
fuzzygroup: Rss distiller is rewritten. Can you add the yahoo link ?
paolovalde: ok
fuzzygroup: there's one extra carriage return to eliminate also
fuzzygroup: I passed it thru word also
paolovalde: ok, removed it
fuzzygroup: thx
paolovalde: The short description is too long (it's the one that ends up in the TOC on the right)
paolovalde: I would cut it to: Create RSS news feeds from almost any web page
fuzzygroup: that's fine
fuzzygroup: you or me doing it?
paolovalde: I
fuzzygroup: k
fuzzygroup: I have a 5 pm programming deadline which I haven't started on yet. What's the announce date on this site ?
paolovalde: Now + 1,5hrs
fuzzygroup: can I make a suggestion to you
paolovalde: sure
fuzzygroup: don't be silly.
fuzzygroup: Release it on Monday
fuzzygroup: or tuesday
fuzzygroup: You get so much extra bang for the buck.
fuzzygroup: People like *timely* news
fuzzygroup: and this won't be *timely*
fuzzygroup: Also we need a press release, etc
paolovalde: The whole company is closing for 2 weeks, meaning that I get it right now or it's going to be September.
fuzzygroup: oh frack
fuzzygroup: now + 5 hours it is
fuzzygroup: I can do more tonight but not really now unless I finish enough on my 5 pm deadline
paolovalde: I mean, I don't necessarily have to announce it, but the site is going to be there in 1,5 hrs.
fuzzygroup: Any other pages you think need attention?
fuzzygroup: Well I'm fine with it being live
fuzzygroup: but not announced
fuzzygroup: and if you are closed then who does customer service once you are selling ?
fuzzygroup: there will be questions
paolovalde: Don't worry, I think it's ok, we can open it and then see
paolovalde: We've been supporting these tools anyway for 6 months, we know how it works.
paolovalde: I don't think that this will change much
fuzzygroup: Ok
fuzzygroup: you aren't answering the question though
paolovalde: Oh, sorry:
fuzzygroup: is there anyone who is answering the emails when they come in ? and you are closed for 2 weeks
fuzzygroup: i'm not saying it don't work.
paolovalde: I'm doing all the customer service for these tools, and I'm going to be available
paolovalde: Ok?
fuzzygroup: ok then.
fuzzygroup: Yup.
fuzzygroup: totally.
fuzzygroup: blogging is too tight knit right now to not answer stuff promptly.
paolovalde: Yup
fuzzygroup: are you routing them to a alias ?
fuzzygroup: or .it alias ?
paolovalde: Yup
fuzzygroup: good
fuzzygroup: perfect.
paolovalde: There's info@evectors, staff@evectors. support@evectors, etc.
paolovalde: All alias to my address
fuzzygroup: i'd recommend help@also. people sometimes try that.
fuzzygroup: ok so I should budget for a marketing 101 piece on "Getting Your ECommerce Site Ready to Go" on Monday. Sound good ?
paolovalde: I think there's a link in all pages, there are specific addresses such as rssdistiller@evectors
paolovalde: Gr8
fuzzygroup: and any chance can get the original content so I can show before and after ?
fuzzygroup: if so just email it to me
fuzzygroup: sorry for not saving it. should have thought more.
paolovalde: Nope, sorry: it's lost
fuzzygroup: crapola.
fuzzygroup: i thought ideatools kept it around?
fuzzygroup: or is it just deletes that are kept ?
paolovalde: If it had been written more than 6 hrs ago I could have got a backup, but this was recent and there's no versioning on this site.
fuzzygroup: ah.
fuzzygroup: I'll kludge togther faked before text then. that ok with you ?

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