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Life at BlogSpeed

i have another way I can work you into a blogging article also and mention this too. cool beans. "the speed of the blog" will come out like middle of next week or this weekend.


libby_young57: great -- sounds perfect! I really appreciate your phpbeginner contributions -- great generosity with your time if you're ever in sa remember you're owed a fine southafrican meal!
fuzzygroup: very cool. It's on the travel agenda for some year. So many places to go, so little time.
fuzzygroup: But the world continues to get smaller. Count on that dinner being taken up sometime.
libby_young57: good, I hope so. I was born in Zambia so I'm biased but have to say africa is a great continent, if for nothing else but sheer anarchic pleasures!
fuzzygroup: lol
fuzzygroup: that's what I've heard. Out of curiousity, is the aids situation in Africa as bad as they report it to be in the states ?
libby_young57: yes I think so. I live very sheltered so am not exposed to it but specially up north the cemeteries are filling up fast
fuzzygroup: Scary.
libby_young57: what worries me is that a whole generation of orphans are going to grow up in institutions or on the streets, but I think we are going to have to do something about that, 'cause it's not good for anyone
fuzzygroup: Yup.
fuzzygroup: I've read some of the stuff from the World Health Organization and a good friend is a biologist and what I'm told is scary
libby_young57: small world -- I've just got email from someone here in CT whose reading your weblogs and asking me if it's a reference to me!! ho ho fame at last!
fuzzygroup: lol
fuzzygroup: no way
fuzzygroup: what's their name out of curiousity ?
fuzzygroup: it's possible i could know them (I grew up there)
libby_young57: yep, the goy who runs the online dating site I told you about -- the only freelance php programmer in CT I believe
fuzzygroup: Ah
fuzzygroup: so they .za matchmaker site is run out of CT ?
fuzzygroup: the not they
libby_young57: CT -- I mean Cape Town
fuzzygroup: Ah.
fuzzygroup: now I get it
fuzzygroup: hence my confusion all along about where in the world you were located
libby_young57: yep, I think we had the confusion before. CT means Connecticut too??
fuzzygroup: Yup
fuzzygroup: So there are two php folk in South Africa that read me... Lol (laugh out loud). Tres cool.
libby_young57: his name is Duncan Forrest -- so that's another reader -- your fame spreads
fuzzygroup: oh my. too damn funny.
libby_young57: love that about the internet -- I now have great relationships with my aunt in Canada and uncle in the Netherlands and i never even knew them before. just love it and thank the fates that got me into it as a career
fuzzygroup: that's lovely.
libby_young57: anyways must do some urgent site updating before dear piper po awakes -- nice chatting and I will keep me beady eye on your blog!
fuzzygroup: ok.
fuzzygroup: ciao.
libby_young57: by bye
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