PhotoBlog Spec 01
Last updated: 7/19/2002; 6:10:11 AM
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PhotoBlog Spec 01

This document is a spec for the new concept, to be implemented (most likely) as a standalone php code and as a Drupal module.

Digital pictures are a compelling application for virtually all users.  The core, visceral appeal that images have for all users is immediately apparent on watching someone's eyes when they are shown digital pictures.  Despite this, for most users, effectively using digital pictures is beyond their grasp.  There are (at least) three basic ways to use digital pictures:

  • As a slideshow of related images, shown successively, in some type of progression
  • As a "photo-story" where an introduction sets up the story and then captions at the photo level develop the story as the images are shown one by one.  Example.
  • As a browsable collection or collections of images
  • As a searchable collection or collections of images

The purpose of the "PhotoBlog" module is to handle the above tasks as well as provide a management interface for digital photos. 

Desired URL Structure

This is a photoblog url:


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