From Design Geek to Web Geek: Part 0: Introduction
Last updated: 7/19/2002; 8:27:06 AM
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From Design Geek to Web Geek: Part 0: Introduction

Things are actually going quite well on the front.  We have a bunch of development work (still looking for more, of course) and we're now starting to realize that it would be very useful for our skills to be more shared than they currently are.  I, as you probably know, fall into the "Web Geek" category.  I'm being the very technical stuff, hosting, *nix, PHP, Apache, MySQL, SMTP, etc.  My partner, Gretchen, is very much in the "Design Geek" category.  She's responsible for the creative side while I am the whole backend.  And, I realized today exactly how much a design geek she is when she got all excited today when I turned over to her a 30 disc cd set of clipart.  Anyway…

I need to bring Gretchen up to speed on all the core basics of being a web geek so I thought I'd just blog what would normally be a series of internal articles.  Here's a rough outline:

  1. File Transfer with SCP
  2. Understanding SSH.
  3. Core Concepts & Technologies
  4. Linux
  5. Apache
  6. SQL Databases
  7. Server Side Scripting Languages
  8. Basic Linux 1 and Linux Quick Reference Card
  9. Basic Linux 2 and Linux Quick Reference Card
  10. Basic Linux 3 and Linux Quick Reference Card
  11. Basic PHP 1
  12. Basic PHP 2
  13. Basic PHP 3
  14. Sys Admin Geekery 1: Guidelines for Passwords
  15. Sys Admin Geekery 2: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
  16. Sys Admin Geekery 3: TBD

This will be a slow paced series written as we need them internally. 

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