10 Signs You Might Be an Alpha Geek
Last updated: 7/2/2002; 7:47:41 AM
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10 Signs You Might Be an Alpha Geek

Alpha Geek.  First Among Geeks.  Man With a Pocket Protector.  Use these tests to see if you qualify as an Alpha Geek:

  1. There's a copy of Practical SQL in the bathroom so you can read about outer joins versus inner joins in your "off time".
  2. An advantage of WiFi to you on your laptop, is that www.slashdot.com, has replaced the book in #1.
  3. When flipping through your box of pornographic materials you discover copies of Linux Journal – and, worse – SysAdmin magazine.
  4. You never, ever have to dress up when clients are around.
  5. You have a Linux laptop.  Or Linux on a PDA.
  6. You've authored books or articles for O'Reilly.
  7. You know what RMS means in all contexts – and not just that it happens to be on every gas pump in America.
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