Ten Linux Tips and Tricks that Mom Never Told You
Last updated: 7/1/2002; 7:22:30 AM
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Ten Linux Tips and Tricks that Mom Never Told You

This is so cool.  I just found out that Joe Friend got Mandrake Linux up and running as a second OS on his Windows XP box.  I don't want to embarrass Joe as to why but lets just say that I'm a) surprised he's going this route and b) thrilled.  So I was thinking about this after IM'ing with him this morning and it occurred to me that for the new *nix user there are those things that Mom never told you.  And, since this is just the 1st ten of them, you'll probably get a series of different things about *nix that Mom never told you – particularly if people write in and help.

1: Terminal Emulator: Just Get Putty

2: Copying Files To Linux from Your Windows Box

3: Copy and Paste

4: WebMiin

5: Ximian's RedCarpet Really, Really Works

6: Learn VI




10: See My All Too Short Linux Quick Reference

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