Drupal: Installing Drupal for a Web Site
Last updated: 6/29/2002; 9:31:31 AM
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Drupal: Installing Drupal for a Web Site

I've written positively about Drupal for quite a while now.  But I haven't done a lot to document it (I have cleaned up the English on several of the source modules although not as many as I wanted to).  This document lays out how to configure Drupal for a single website.  It assumes the following:

  • *nix
  • Apache
  • The website is a named user under Unix that matches the name of the domain i.e. if the domain of the Drupal site is www.scottsweblog.com then the Unix user name is scottsweblog.com
  • All content is in a /htdocs/ directory below /home/username/
  • Drupal itself is installed into a drupal subdirectory below /home/username/htdocs/ or /home/username/htdocs/drupal/

Please note that these restrictions are how I chose to configure this installation.  These aren't Drupal requirements – Drupal is a supremely flexible system.

Step 1: Read This




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