Very, Very Practical Tips for the Busy Person : Part 3 - More Computer Stuff
Last updated: 6/16/2002; 10:22:21 AM
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Very, Very Practical Tips for the Busy Person : Part 3 - More Computer Stuff

Based on an enthusiastic response from Sooz,

I don't know about you but I am busy.  Very busy.  And, if you don't want to make mistakes when you are busy, you need help.  Over the past many years, I have found that these tips really help me quite a bit.  Listed below are 10 tips for busy people.  You'll laugh and some are silly perhaps but I use most of them every single day.

  1. Learn to use Google well.  Invaluable.  Here are quick tips:
    • Encase text in double " to indicate a phrase.  Phrases make your result lists shorter which is faster for you.  Example: "Scott Johnson" not Scott Johnson.
    • Restrict searches within a single site using "site:URL" (no quotes).  Let's say you want to only search because, like me, you can't find anything with the Microsoft search engine.  Here's how: "Index Server"  This would find the phrase Index Server but only on the Microsoft site (note: phrases aren't required).
  2. Find Local Files By Date. 
  3. Add More Ram. 
  4. Write down, in a text file or preferably a memo on your palm pilot, EVERY SINGLE software serial # you have.  Invaluable.  (I just this morning accessed a serial number for Teleport Pro, a utility I bought in 1997).
  5. If you are distributing a document to be edited and you are using Microsoft Word AND you need to keep changing it while they are editing use this approach.
  6. Send the person reviewing it the document.
  7. Tell them to Turn on Change Tracking with Tools ==> Track Changes ==> Highlight Changes ==> and then check the "Track Changes While Editing" box.
  8. They do teh edit
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