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Last updated: 6/16/2002; 10:20:37 AM
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Bloggers Available for Hire

Here's #4: Adam Kalsey, Resume

Attached is a PDF of my resume for your Silly Ass Outreach. I specialize in strategic planning, development and management of Web sites, intranets, and extranets. My services include project management, Web development in ASP and Perl, and site measurement.

I've been involved in the Web for nearly 7 years. I have extensive ecommerce experience and have participated in over three dozen ecommerce implementations for large and small businesses including Adidas, Charles Schwab, and Beverages and More.

My resume is also online in PDF, HTML, Text, and Word formats at

Yes, I understand your aversion to Word documents, but many recruiters want resumes in Word format. RTF or PDF won't do for some reason, so the Word version is available for download.


Adam Kalsey

Kalsey Consulting Group



Here's #3: Gretchen Cahaly, Web Mastering.  Resume.

How embarassing – I forgot to add myself and my normal consulting partner.

Here's #2: Scott Johnson, PHP Programming, Management Consulting, High Tech Marketing.  Resume.

How embarassing – I forgot to add myself.

Here's #1: Dewayne Mikkelson, Principal Consultant

ActiveInfo Management Consultants Let us handle the work...You enjoy the beach! Consulting Services for: Dynamic Data Driven Website Development AIM: mikkelsd1958 Yahoo: mikkelsd

Website: Weblog:



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