Scott's Silly Ass Community Outreach
Last updated: 7/4/2002; 8:12:00 AM
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Scott's Silly Ass Community Outreach


I keep hearing from people World Wide (the U.S, Italy, Australia, …) reading my stuff on marketing and consulting that:

  1. They hate their job OR
  2. They hate their boss OR
  3. They are laid off OR
  4. Not doing work they are skilled at (most aren't flipping burgers but the times are dry, dry indeed)

So here's the idea – use bloggers to help bloggers.  Here's a bit of background on me: I do consulting myself and I develop software products for sale (no, nothing has shipped yet, but, soon, I'll make Outlook suck less for you) and I develop web services that I'm silly enough to think people might pay me for (yeah right!, I'm dreaming…). 

Anyway here's the deal:

  1. Drop me a resume in RTF, ASCII, HTML or PDF format – send it to  Send it as word and I'll just be scared of it and ask for it in RTF.
  2. Send it as an attachment.
  3. In the subject line put something intelligible like "Webmaster Italy Want Full Time" or "Designer Netherlands Consulting".
  4. In the body of the email give me a description of you or just nothing at all.
  5. I'll do this with it
    • Post it to a "Looking for Work" link off my blog on a prominent place
    • Ask others to add this link to their blog
    • Write some silly PHP code to make this better.  Example: we could write an RSS output from these
    • Post the resumes as downloadable files
  6. If I can throw work your way like Doing the Right Thing or pull into some silly project of mine that pays dollars, I will.  I'm not building a consulting empire at all – just making a living – and happy to help others if I can.

And, if you're a PHP geek and you want to pitch in on this or something else since you might be out of work and just bored, I've got the hardware and disc space.  I know what I need, I know how to manage engineers, I have pretty good ethics and I'm a pretty easy guy to work with.  For the obvious security reasons, I'm not big into giving people server logins on my box so it helps if you have your own hardware.  I'm wrestling with the whole Open Source issues now so I can't say what if any license we're using but I think you can trust me.  I will tell you in advance that if you're going to say Yes and then just drop it, I'd prefer that you didn't.  I don't want to waste my time or yours.


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