What Am I Selling?
Last updated: 7/3/2002; 10:00:00 PM
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What Am I Selling?

Ever notice that everyone seems to try and sell you something these days?  But, along the way, they try and just sneak it in.  Subtle.  Not!.  Acceptable?  Not even slightly. 

So, in the honest and open spirit of blogging, here's what my business is and what I am selling today:

  • Consulting services in these areas:
    • Web Development generally with Open Source tools
    • Assistance with online marketing
    • Writing services of various types
    • Web development for non-profit organizations
    • Drupal
  • eVectors IdeaTools.  I am now Vice President of Marketing for eVectors. 

Note I said "today".  In the pretty near future I will actually have several shipping software products and/or web services

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