BlogBook :: C07 :: Updating Radio.root
Last updated: 6/5/2002; 8:35:18 AM
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BlogBook :: C07 :: Updating Radio.root

Updating Radio.root

If you read any documentation on Radio, you will often see references to "Start by updating Radio.root".  This begins close to every piece of official UserLand documentation and can be confusing.  Here's what this means.  Radio.root is a single file shipped standard with every copy of Radio.  This file contains Radio's internal "database" and much of Radio's actual code as a large portion of Radio itself is actually written in UserTalk, Radio's own scripting language.  Thus, the instruction "Update Radio.root", really means "Update the Radio program but without exiting the product or running a Setup program".  Unlike most programs, Radio is able to update itself with new features and bug fixes over the Internet.  While this happens automatically every night, you also sometimes need to do it manually to get the latest features.

Here's how to update Radio.root.

  1. Make sure that Radio is running.
  2. Go to this url:

  1. Click the Update Now button and Radio will update the Radio.root file provided that you have Internet access.


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