BlogBook :: C07 :: Getting Rid of Formatting
Last updated: 6/5/2002; 8:35:17 AM
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BlogBook :: C07 :: Getting Rid of Formatting

Getting Rid of Formatting

Please note that this technique only applies to using the WYSIWYG Editor under Windows using Internet Explorer.  Despite this, you will probably find this technique useful.  If you copy and paste text from another application such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, the formatting goes with the text.  The typical way to solve this is some kind of modified Paste command like Paste Special or the new Office XP "remove formatting" menu that appears after a paste command.  This doesn't work with Radio since the WYSIWYG Editor doesn't have this feature.  A work around is to use Notepad as a temporary buffer.  Since Notepad doesn't support formatting, pasting the copied text into Notepad first and then copying it again, out of Notepad, the formatting codes are removed and you can then paste it into Radio.  This will work with your preferred ASCII editor, not just Notepad.
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