Instant Editing Transcript
Last updated: 6/5/2002; 8:35:48 AM
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Instant Editing Transcript

fuzzygroup: Got a sec?
guykhaas: Yup
fuzzygroup: I did a quick glossary this am that you might want to look at
guykhaas: And its URL is
fuzzygroup: Sorry same as faq which is:
guykhaas: Awwwww……  I'm eyeballing the glossary.
guykhaas: "Cloud

                        The somewhat abstract area out on the Internet where all your information is stored
                        the server actually exists. The home page for your weblog is generally considered to
                        exist in the "cloud".
 seems to have lost something there somewhere after "stored"
fuzzygroup: on it.
fuzzygroup: done
guykhaas: The blackbullet for term name, white bullet for definition, scheme looks odd.  Why bullet the definitions?
fuzzygroup: it was 5:30 am after 3 hrs sleep
guykhaas: Unless they have multiple points to make.
guykhaas: 's OK….   I'm just askin'  :-)
fuzzygroup: i just fixing!
guykhaas: "yoru information" – in the revised "cloud"
fuzzygroup: done.
fuzzygroup: tableizing it now
guykhaas: Item

                A single discrete <word missing> of information on your weblog.
fuzzygroup: unit but fixed now
guykhaas: In macro, you're talking about the definition and the invocation of a macro.  The "small programming subroutne" is the definition…..the <%title%> is the invocation.  Might polish that a tad.
fuzzygroup: oh yes
guykhaas: Still crusing along, Good Stuff.
fuzzygroup: Good.
fuzzygroup: It does make sense kinda…. sorta… stay out of radio.exe though
guykhaas: Post.   This lost the distinction between Publish and Post I saw elsewhere.
fuzzygroup: I guess I missed that.
fuzzygroup: No I know.  Depends on how radio is configed
guykhaas: At 5:50 a.m.  gee, why?  :-)
fuzzygroup: Couldn't sleep
guykhaas: Not why working at 5:30 – why should I expect that you would not bobble a bit
fuzzygroup: Oh yeah.
fuzzygroup: I churned out about 2500 words in an hour and a half and then fed it thru word to fix the numerous grammar errors.  Code examples were right though….
guykhaas: Jeez
guykhaas: Brain dump
fuzzygroup: Total core dump.
guykhaas: You running old technology?  :-)
guykhaas: Core?
fuzzygroup: I had just solved a php problem (localization) yesterday so the solution was crisp – had to get it out.
fuzzygroup: You should know core
guykhaas: Yeah, but today's folk…….  
… (we went off topic here)

guykhaas: Back to my glossary scan.
guykhaas: "Templates can be modified" –> "You can modify your templates"
fuzzygroup: on it
guykhaas: "calendar"
fuzzygroup: need to learn to pay attention to red squiggly
guykhaas: Themes <word?> all the presentation of your weblog
fuzzygroup: done
guykhaas: "revised with just one command" is ambiguous.
guykhaas: jeez, real-time editing is cool.
fuzzygroup: Isn't it?
fuzzygroup: This is really neat.
guykhaas: I feel like a back-seat editor.
fuzzygroup: well phrased
guykhaas: I'm down at XML-RPC.  you ARE going to make the URL links live, right?
fuzzygroup: Yes.  Fpage barfed on it.
guykhaas: No d'oh!
fuzzygroup: I mean this morning
guykhaas: I'm sure somebody could kvetch about your offhand explanation of XML, but in this context I think it's a good shot.
fuzzygroup: Oh yes.
fuzzygroup: Even I winced but for this audience, its fine.
guykhaas: Egg zacktly.  Know Your Audience.
fuzzygroup: Oh yes.
fuzzygroup: Somehow if I pulled out a w3c spec or iso docs, they'd run for the hills

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