A buddy of mine just IM'd me about cheap hosting in the US.  His requirements are:

  • non shared hosting i.e. dedicated server
  • a linux distro which doesn't have package management issues i.e. gentoo / debian / *bsd
  • a non astronomical monthly fee ( he needs at least 2 servers from day 1 to build a clustered architecture)
  • ssh access w/ some kind of decent web based admin tool like webmin
  • ability to do some kind of disc mirroring / heartbeat with drbd or something similar.  This is a high reliability application but he can't afford to buy his own hardware*

I've heard good things about ServerBeach but I don't know.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Niall?  Where's your box?  Kevin what do you use ? (and yes I could traceroute but I think its a good conversation to start)

*I know that's inconsistent on the face of it.  Don't bug me about it.  Bug him (oh crap; he requested anon)

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