Jonathan Siegel wrote The San Francisco Fallacy which is my favorite startup book of the year. I liked it well enough that I'm in the middle of a second read and its one of the books I packed for an upcoming trip to Disney World. Jonathan was recently interviewed by Noah Kagan for Ok Dork and while all of it was excellent, there was one brief shining moment where it felt like the sun had opened up and ideas were literally shining down. Here's a recap of the best practices that he identified for a SAAS business:

  1. Testing their adwords.
  2. Doing landing page testing.
  3. Sending out newsletters.
  4. Blogging regularly.
  5. Forming partnerships.
  6. Going to events.
  7. 5 minute callbacks whenever they get a new lead on the website.
  8. Try six times to reach every new inbound lead.

Numbers 7 and 8 are new to me and ones that I definitely want to try. Much of this interview was covering how he buys a business and the money statement of this was "If they team is already doing all these then I would never buy this company" because these techniques are how he adds value to the business and increases revenue.

All of this was covered around the 24 minute mark. If you're an entrepreneur, I'd highly recommend listening to this podcast. Noah's stuff is always great but this particular episode was golden. There's also a great segment on how he identifies people to hire and why he doesn't hire A players.