I am not, alas, a compiled languages guy. I do find Rust absolutely fascinating because by inverting the common assumptions, a whole class of software errors are being avoided. Given that we live in a constant shite show of software quality, any engineering practices that generate better code are highly desirable. Discovering testing and pair programming for me was I suspect as life changing as Rust feels to a C programmer.

Even though I don't really do compiled stuff, I do admit to being more than a bit of a language wonk – if it is weird, interpreted and has a repl or is a stream process, well, that I'm good at. My tools have included Ruby, Elixir, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Prolog (both Borland and Quintus on Sun 2), , Perl, VB, Awk, HyperAwk, Elm, OmniMark and others. So learning a bit about Rust feels pretty normal to me.

But I digress – this is about Rust. Even tho I don't really compile, I'm a solid writer and I'm happy to ask questions and compile answers.

Web Based Rust Tools

I posed this question on Twitter tonight:

Given the amazing response to my comments about programs written in Rust, I would appreciate links to great Rust resources and, particularly, web based tools that Rust devs use. #rustlang @steveklabnik, @bcantrill PermaLink

And, happily, a ton of very smart people took the time to reply. I compiled all the tools suggested below.

Adding to This

Drop me a line on Twitter where I am @fuzzygroup and I'm happy to add any tools you find.