I find myself today having to make an economic decision of sorts. I am a consultant again and I find myself wanting to use some of the tools and libraries that I have developed "internally" for my current client. This is a problem because, technically, I own the intellectual property on these tools. And, to be clear, these aren't a big deal in terms of code – they are more utility players than they are something of huge merit. Still, they are mine.

One approach would be to try and figure out what they are worth and bill the client for the time to write them. The problem with that is the license then flows to the client – and I don't want that. I love my damn tools and I want to be able to use them myself.

So the easiest approach here is to simply open source them, likely MIT license, and then put them on Github. That way I can just pull them down and incorporate them into whatever I choose to use them on. It is likely a crappy decision economically but a good decision overall.

And, so, sync.rake is open sourced (turns out I did this way, way back in April 2017 but I think I forgot to blog it). Chuckle.