Well Ruby 2.4 shipped back in December on the 12th and with almost a month of settle time that means that I now feel its go time for Ruby 2.4 and, specifically, using it on side projects. I've already heard talk about Ruby 2.4.1 and the first mistake that I made installing it was to try and use that – which isn't actually available yet.

What Ruby 2.4 Versions are Available?

The easiest way to see this is to travel over to cache.ruby-lang.org and just view them.

Installing with RVM:

Here's the easy one liner to install with RVM:

rvm install ruby-2.4.0

You may need to increase your timeout to get it to install:

echo "export rvm_max_time_flag=20" >> ~/.rvmrc

Other Useful RVM Commands

Like most open source projects, RVM is rich and deep. Here are a few useful commands I used along with way of installing this (the command is in bold; the – SOME TEXT gives an explanation):

  • rvm list rubies – shows you what rubies are on your system
  • rvm list known – shows you the rubies that rvm knows about (caveat - rvm can install more than it knows about; no I don't understand this either)
  • rvm –default use 2.4.0 – set 2.4.0 as the default ruby when you open a terminal
  • rvm use 2.4.0 – change the ruby in the current terminal to 2.4.0