This one is short but sweet and, honestly, the bulk of it is right in the title. I'm a pretty hard core software developer and I've found that the Zoom video chat tool, which my team uses every single day, tends to be big, fat and slow – to such a degree that my MacBook crashes from time to time. You should note that I do run a 2015 MacBook Pro 13" so not the best machine by today's standards but still absolutely serviceable as a daily driver for most development chores.

It occurred to me recently that both my phone and my iPad are actually faster than my laptop so I fired up Zoom on them for a conference all and wow was it better. I was able to code through my team call and participate in the team video chat. While my phone worked perfectly well, it had a tendency to slide a bit leading me to break out my home made phone stand (no pic; since my phone is in it how can I take a pic; ask me personally if you care or want one). My iPad, however, since it has the keyboard case, works fantastically well for this tho.

I'm also starting to use my iPad as my "chat workstation" allowing me to more easily partition the myriad chat apps that we all seem to use concurrently and focus on development more while still participating in chats without getting list in them.