Another wednesday, another set of things I wish I was reading:

Machine Vision on Recognizing Birds || Discussion Facebook's Software Architecture AntiRez on Sentinel Statistics for Programmers
Diary of a Corporate Sellout I was a part of Web 2.0 when this was going on so I can speak to the authenticity of his writing and that time period.
How to Distribute Equity :: Wizards of the Coast Space X :: Becoming a Serious Space Company Hug Your Kids :: It Really, Really Matters Great History Lesson on Silicon Graphics Rails Tutorial Book Released Astonishingly Fast Grep Replacement One of my finest computer science memories is meeting Jef Raskin at the ACM Conference of Hypertext in 1987 at UNC Chapel Hill and him explaining Boyer Moore string searches to me (which this uses) pinterest and signups / growth Startups – Worth Watching Ducksboard Acquisition SEO for Startups Yosemite Ars Technica Review (linked to page 11 because I actually read that far) Simple Form Increasingly useful to me; thanks! Data Visualization with JavaScript