I find that, once again, I'm unhappy with my cable modem / wifi gateway.  Ideally I'd like:

  • Something with at least 4 ports since I have 3 desktops in active use and I prefer cables on my laptops honestly (i'm so damn sick of ssh windows dying when connectivity goes south; and don't vent to me about Screen - it doesn't work with VI well so that's a non starter for me)
  • Ability to branch it into a switch since I need more ports (3 desktops + 3 laptops).
  • Something with a USB 2.0 port which isn't Netgear.  I have a brand new netgear wifi gateway w/ usb hub and its as useless as tits on a bull due to firmware bugs and Netgear's firmware fixes just plain don't work.
  • Something with actual *gasp* working security.  I don't care if its wep, wpa or what -- I just don't want to have my neighbors leeching my bandwidth and whatever security model it is I need it to work on both Windows and Mac.
  • Web UI w/ port forwarding.  Given that I'm working on a local dev server on my new (old) Ubuntu box the ability to forward ports to my local server is highly useful.
  • Bittorrent compatible.  I mean come on.  Like I'm not going to open 6881 ?

Any thoughts?  I've had mixed success with LinkSys in the past.  I actually have a perfectly good LinkSys but I can't find the power brick so its effectively a paperweight.

Thanks in advance.