So I just got my 1st ever USB keychain drive. $20 at Walmart for 256 mb of storage. I plug it in and it just works. I copy* my PowerPoint for SES over to it and it just works. *StillAstonishedAmI*. I mean how often does a hardware doo hickey just plain work? No drivers, no nothing. That's just plain awesome.

So here's the question of the day:

Why don't any Digital Cameras have a USB port on them to accept a keychain drive? Wouldn't that just be an awesome answer to the problem of running out of storage and not being able to synch (bad weather; no laptop, etc). Am I nuts to want this or is it now a standard camera feature and I'm just clue free and proud of it.

*Yes Virginia, I started a DOS Window and copied feedster-ses*.ppt onto it. Old habits die hard and old geek dogs all too rarely learn new tricks.