Active Record Extension

This is an active record extension which adds two class methods to any ActiveRecord model:


This simply displays the text "Jam Baby Jam" to prove that it is working


This can be used to create find or create instances of a class based on a hash of params and one or more required attributes. Let's say that we have a class called Site. It can be invoked in two ways:

attributes = {
  name: "reddit",
  protocol: "https",
  domain: "",
  url: ""

site = Site.find_or_create_by_attributes(attributes, name:)

site = Site.find_or_create_by_attributes(attributes, { name: "reddit", protocol: "http")

site = Site.find_or_create_by_attributes(attributes, [name:, protocol:])

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy config/initializers/extension.rb to config/initializers in your Rails app, the config directory.
  2. Copy lib/active_record_extension.rb to lib in your Rails app.

This is really quite simple but I use it on almost every single project so I wanted to open source it so I can freely use it without worry about licensing.