This blog post talks about the renaming of FactoryGirl to FactoryBoy and the necessary refactoring that you have to do to a current Rails app to support it. The official guide to converting your Rails from FactoryGirl to FactoryBot is here. Their solution is a search and replace approach and while that works, I wanted to go thru this step by step.

Step 0: Update Your Gemfile

You need to change your Gemfile from FactoryGirl to FactoryBot:

gem "factory_bot_rails"

Step 1: spec/support/factory_girl.rb

This file needs to be renamed from spec/support/factory_girl.rb to spec/support/factory_bot.rb and then the contents changed to reflect it:

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.include FactoryBot::Syntax::Methods

Step 2: spec/rails_helper.rb

Depending on your RSpec configuration you may not need to adjust this file. In my case I was using FactoryGirl to create an @user variable so I had to adjust this as:

@user = FactoryBot.create(:user, options)    

Step 3: spec/factories/*.rb

Each of your factories needs to be rewritten to call FactoryBot not FactoryGirl so you'll have a structure something like this:

FactoryBot.define do
  factory :user do
    email { }
    username Faker::Name.first_name.downcase
    password "Sample:1"
    password_confirmation "Sample:1"
    first_name Faker::Name.first_name
    last_name Faker::Name.last_name
    active true
    confirmed true

Step 4: Your Actual Spec Files

In each of your spec files, you'll need to change calls from FactoryGirl.create to FactoryBot.create like this:

@job = FactoryBot.create(:job, :user_id =>

Step 5: Also Check spec/spec_helper.rb

You should also check spec/spec_helper.rb as this is a common place where you may have located some Factory* type of stuff.


Overall this was a simpler conversion than I had expected. Admittedly this was done in a relatively small Rails MVP but it really was pretty painless.