So this morning I was working on my side project and I realized that one aspect of it alone is now 26 plus PORO (plain old ruby objects) models and growing rapidly. Given that I'm building this along the lines of a service oriented architeture where I want to be able to replace components prototyped in Ruby down the road with Elixir this would make sense so it was time to isolate it into a standalone http service as a separate Rails API stack.

And this brings up the need to generate a stack with RSpec from the start. Here's how to do this:

rails new hyde_page_parser -T –skip-active-record –skip-action-cable –skip-spring –api

I want this to NOT include:

  • test_unit so -T gets rid of that
  • ActiveRecord so –skip-active-refactor
  • ActionCable so –skip-action-cable
  • Spring so –skip-spring

That gets me a baseline project to which I can add RSpec. Using Nrakochy's instructions, all you need to do is:

  1. Add gem 'rspec-rails' to a development, test group in Gemfile
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Run bundle exec rails g rspec:install