It seems that whenever you start a new Rails project you hit some kind of wackiness with respect to an error message that you've never seen before. Yesterday I started a new project and I wanted to use Bootstrap for my layout. Well I couldn't make it work and then Dv couldn't make it work so I finally turned to the RailsApps project and used their bootstrap template app. And that worked so Huzzah! both for them and me. Thanks Guys!

Note: Dv and I have both used bootstrap on I can't tell you how many different sites and its always a pain in the neck to initially get going. We were using the bootstrap gem and we had the scss stuff configured correctly at least by comparing to a reference site.

Today I integrated authlogic for authentication based on a SitePoint AuthLogic tutorial. When I generated a Pages Controller and dropped a resources :pages into my routes file I got this:

Invalid route name, already in use: 'page' 

My routes file right now is like 5 lines so I was actually certain that I didn't have pages in there already (embarrassingly though I did do a command+F anyway). A bunch of googling turned up this answer. Apparently the High Voltage gem from Thoughtbot automagically inserts its pages route into the routes file. And I get the desire for simplicity but when it doesn't even require a declaration in the Gemfile it makes tracking this kind of stuff down annoying. Sigh.

Once that was removed then I was able to get my static pages working again so that's nice. And I like what the High Voltage gem is actually doing.