Despite my recent focus on Elixir, I still make most of my money doing Rails. Here's a template that Dv and I put together yesterday for a modern Rails 5 app:

  • Devise
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Capistrano
  • Docker (not entirely finished yet but it is a start)

GitHub Template for a new Rails App

Fork it, clone it, bundle install and the like. Enjoy. I've done this so many times recently that I thought it was better to do it once and then use that as a baseline moving forward.

Notes on Devise

If you're trying to understand Devise and how its changed in Rails 5 then you'll need these links:

Personally I have a love / hate relationship with Devise. It always feels hard to get started (part of the reason I made a template) but I have huge respect for the degree of outstanding great work, love and care that Platformatec put into it.