Having just bought the last generation MacBook Pro as opposed to the new one, I was very glad to read this:

Bugs. On day one, the wifi disconnected five times in four hours. Thankfully, since then, Wifi has been rock solid while traveling, despite that concerning first day. Bluetooth failed to pair many devices at first. After pairing, Bluetooth continues to drop devices occasionally. Touch ID often isn’t provided as an option when I open the lid. When I am prompted, it occasionally doesn’t respond at all. When connected to an external monitor, I am typically forced to open the lid and login via touch ID — the password field literally isn’t provided as an option. Edit: Turns out the password field isn’t displayed, but if I start typing it shows up. Touch ID is an inconsistent mess. Spotlight has frozen more than once, requiring a reboot. Activity monitor regularly crashes and restarts. And the aforementioned palm rejection issues mean the cursor occasionally jumps to another part of the screen. Needless to say, for a nearly $3,000 machine, this list is hard to accept. So much so that I’m seriously considering returning the machine. The bright side is everything above can potentially be resolved by future software updates. Medium

Overall I think I'm very, very happy having gotten the older MacBook Pro. Yes in time this might get resolved but it also might not.

Note: There were a bunch of good things he mentioned but for $3,000 you shouldn't have to suffer through any of that. I'm no longer as devoted to the Apple Kool-aid as I once was.

And here's the Hacker News Commentary. Good thoughts there already and likely to be more.