Well as will become clear in another few blog posts, I took ElementaryOS and installed it on my 2012 MBP with 16 gigs RAM and 768 mb SSD storage. This used to be my full time machine up until a few months ago when I shifted everything to my Macbook Air due to this box becoming flat out unusable as a Ruby dev box. Even after re-install brew and all the tools, I just can't get gems to reliably build.

So, two days ago, between that and my disappointment in not being able to upgrade to a new machine that I want, in a fit of abject rage, I wiped the disc and did a full install overwriting OSX – making it a real commitment. And when I went to write a blog post on it the first thing I realized was no SSH keys. Generating SSH keys was easy but then I realized that I didn't have pbcopy. Sigh.

Here's what you need to do to add pbcopy to ElementaryOS or another Linux

  1. Install xsel. sudo apt-get install xsel
  2. Alias xsel and put it into .bashrc.

    vi ~/.bashrc

    Add these lines:

    alias pbcopy='xsel –clipboard –input' alias pbpaste='xsel –clipboard –output'

    Save and exit

    ESC :wq

    Source the .bashrc file

    source ~/.bashrc


Stack Overflow Reference Bash rc Vs Bash Profile