I recently had a bit of an epiphany as to just why Podcasting will be huge. I'm sure its obvious and must have occurred to others but just in case I thought I'd blog it.

Its all entropy you see, all entropy. Entropy or the natural tendency of the universe to move from order to disorder. Wikipedia on Entropy and for the physics geeks out there I know all too well that I'm simplifying; its my blog after all. An iPod, when you get it, has no songs on it (for reasons described by Mark Cuban), and then you start putting songs on it. Each song increases the entropy by a little bit. Fill the iPod completely and you've maximized its entropy.  Now here's the important part -- you can't easily pay for enough music to fill a 30 gig iPod much less a 60 gig iPod.  So something's gotta go there -- and it'll likely be Podcasts.

Now, put another way, and disregarding the whole entropy babble, look at it this way: Most iPods or other portable MP3 players, are basically little hard drives and when has a hard drive in your life ever stayed empty for long? People will fill up the hard drives on their players because, well, they always do. And given that music is too damn expensive to fill the player with it will be either pirated music or Podcasts. And while I'd never bet against piracy*, I'd wager that great Podcasts like Dawn and Drew will drag people into the Podcast world and that will lead to other podcasts and so on.

So podcasting is gonna be huge.

*That's a fools bet at best.