So I'm seeing Niall and Om and "I wanna be like them".  Seriously though.  I'm definitely fascinated by podcasting, I've got the iPod 60 gig, and I feel that I'm ready to actually *gasp* create a podcast.  What occurs to me that might be interesting to the 13 people who read this blog is this : Tech War Stories.  I've been in technology for so damn long now and worked with so many characters that perhaps tossing out some of those stories like:

  • Every startup needs a green football
  • The day paul got a gun or "How to become a consultant in 1 easy step"
  • Real engineers can explain their code
  • Everyone needs a Geek Kit

If this sounds interesting to you then leave a comment and I'll start working on it.  Most of my best stories are actually pre-Internet so that gives them an aura of "Aged Bits".

Oh and my 4.5 year old, Alex, has agreed to help.  He wants to be the Internet's youngest podcaster: