Ever hear a podcast that just called to you?  So much so that you actually called up the Podcaster and said "Thanks Dude"?  Well if not then I recommend you do so. What creative person doesn't enjoy getting thanked for their work?  Well, for me last night (post SES sleep woes have made this now "last night") it was the Om and Niall show from OnPodSessions.  Part of it what was good for me was that the two of them just plain riffed on each other in a flavor akin to a Jazz improv session.  Part of what was good for me is that it had an inherently high trust factor -- I know both Niall and Om fairly well (Niall more so; Om less so).  Just as I inherently trust a Steve Gillmor podcast, I trust Niall and Om.

Nice work guys.  Thanks.