Interesting. I just finished a long IM chat with my buddy Greg and he pointed me towards EZT as a templating library. He wrote and, well, $geek_fu is no stronger than Greg's. He and I tossed it around for a while and, without having coded with it, it feels very, very similar to my beloved SmartTemplate from SmartPhp. Every web page I've written for 3 years now has relied on SmartTemplate so finding an analog on Python increases my happy quotient dramatically.

We also shot the breeze on OR mappers and object dbs and that was interesting. Good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks the way I do. Its what I call me "Codd and Date" manifesto:

Data shall be stored in tables. Period. As Codd and Date handed it down from the heavens so shall it be.

Wikipedia on Codd and Date (well Codd at least)

I could also describe this in a way familiar to any Highlander freak:

There shall be only Tables.

Good stuff. Thanks Greg!