The PHP Cookbook has been announced by O'Reilly and Chapter 8 on Web Programming is available as a downloadable PDF.  I'ved added it to my permanent collection and you should too.  There's a very nice trick about "unregistering" users who register but don't confirm their account with you.  It's also already in the Amazon listings (it's due out in November).  It looks sweet ! (and it's on my wishlist too).  I'd definitely but it from Amazon since they have it for a 30% savings.  And, if you are a WaldenBooks preferred reader member, I have it on pretty good authority that WaldenBooks preferred reader members will shortly be able to use their discount cards at Amazon.  That's cool.

[ O'Reilly Home Page ] [ PDF of Chapter 8 ] [ Amazon ]

A really good article on working with Files in PHP over on O'Reilly's Lamp site.  [ Go ]

From Keith comes a really good pointer to a PHP Builder article on vCalendar / iCalendar programming in PHP.  Given that I'm regularly hacking WebCalendar (and want to add this), that's an awesome find.  Thanks Man! [ Go ] 

A pretty good article on PHP error messages.  Good stuff to understand.  [ Go ]

An interesting class library, Eclipse, for PHP.  It seems to be written by a rather arrogant fellow who doesn't seem to even like the language.  So why'd he even bother?  Here's a quote: "The real war is between .NET and JSP. PHP will stand on the side, I think. The reason I use PHP is its high availability. Nothing more. "  That's fine but he should really go use Perl if that's his criteria.  Anyone ever used this puppy?  It seems way too object oriented for my taste.  [ Go ]