So I did an Elixir pair programming session with Nick today and he and I talked Elixir and tried to get some stuff done with it. We were only marginally successful and the issue was me not him. A few different things blew up today and then other things when wrong and, well, everything. Nick is a Google Hangouts fan and perhaps the last person on the planet to not have Skype installed on his development system so we used Google Hangouts. This led to my inevitable Google Hangouts issues. Today the browser I used last time failed to work correctly with the microphone (Vivaldi) but Google Chrome itself did work. Sigh. But Google Chrome, running Hangouts, decided:

"Hey! I'm going to take over your dual monitor setup and relocate your dock and command+tab application switching off your primary monitor and jam it onto your secondary monitor."

Grrr…. So rather than luxuriating in my Dell ultra wide monitor with plenty of screen real estate, I was jammed onto a tiny MacBook air monitor and my Dock was wrong and so was everything else. And after the screen sharing shut down it was still borked. Here's how to fix that:

  1. Goto System Preferences.
  2. Select Dock.
  3. Change the Dock position. If you have it on bottom then put it on left.
  4. Change it back to where it was.

Even running Mission Control with Total Spaces on top of that it still worked.