Greece Bans Video Games and Now France Taxes Pornography at 93 % !

What happened to Europe?  They're making the U.S. moral majority look like a bunch of pansies.  Get a load of this:

France to Slap 93 Percent 'Supertax' on Porn Films
Fri Oct 11, 8:21 AM ET</font>

PARIS (Reuters) - The French government will hike taxes on profits from sexually explicit films to 93 percent as part of an anti-pornography drive by ruling conservatives. </font>

This was one of several proposals to fight pornography to emerge from the center-right majority elected in June. Several deputies want to ban X-rated films from television, but others in the conservative ranks oppose this as censorship. </font>

"Our aim is to make this sector financially unattractive," right-wing parliament deputy Charles de Courson told Le Figaro daily on Friday after parliament's finance committee agreed his initiative would be applied from January 1 next year. </font>

Courson said the measure would raise to 60 percent from 33 percent a special tax already levied on profits from the production, distribution or showing of any French-made film deemed pornographic or an incitement to violence. </font>

Once added to France's standard 33 percent tax on all corporate profits, French porn film-makers will be left with a mere seven percent of their profits net of tax. </font>

"We want to destroy their profitability to discourage further investments," Courson said. </font>

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So the only question is when do the Dutch handcuff Amsterdam?  Or the British take out the page 3 girls?  Please note that this comment is neither positive or negative.  I view pornography as analogous to politics and religion -- it's a personal thing.  I'm just plain astonished.  And it's not even April Fools day.</font></font>